We do both residential and commercial snow and ice removal.  We at Friendly Lawn Care use all types of technology and techniques on your properties to give you the best snow removal possible.  This is done with a few steps in mind.

1)    Getting  seasonal  forecast  to help predict snow fall for the year by using companies like Weather Works and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  This helps us to arrange for your de-icing and plowing needs ahead of time.

2)    Pre-treating of roadways with salt brine.  This is a technology that has been adopted by many states, towns, and villages.  This is done by turning bulk rock salt into a liquid and applying before each winter event.  By doing this we help keep the snow and ice from bonding with the payment and also helping to cut down on granular de-icing materials that are needed.  However, this technique is used mostly in commercial settings.

3)    Using pre-treated rock salt or environmentally friendly de-icing products such as Magic Salt and Clear Lane we are able to cut down the amount of lbs per thousand square feet of product used.  Therefore lessoning the amount of salt damage to the environment.  Also by using these products it will take longer for areas to re-freeze and some of these products will work at lower temperature..

4)    Constant monitoring of a weather event.  This helps us to adjust our crews for a quicker clean up.

5)    The most important of all is education of our employees.  Explaining to them property by property, how to snow plow, where to push the snow, and when to apply de-icing materials also the importance of safety for not only them but for our clients as well. During the off season we spend a lot of time doing preventative maintenance and education therefore always making sure we’re ready to go at the first sign of inclemet weather.