June 8th

Mosquito Control Tips for Westchester

The August heat is still in full swing here in Westchester County. Mosquitoes are still very much active, looking for places to lay eggs and get a quick sip of human blood. While mosquitoes are probably the biggest nuisance during the summertime, they’re also something that needs to be avoided because they are prone to carrying diseases. Here are a few quick mosquito control tips for Westchester for the remainder of the summer.

Relieve your home of moisture

Mosquitoes enjoy making their homes in areas near water. Many homes in Westchester County are right on, or near, the Hudson River where mosquitoes live and breed.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help prevent standing water around your home for mosquitoes to dwell in

• Keep your gutters clear and unclogged.
• If you have a swimming pool, make sure it is clean and chlorinated.
• Ornamental ponds should be aerated to keep water moving. This will prevent any mosquito eggs from hatching.
• Twice a week , dump anything outdoors that holds water (like bird baths, garbage can lids, and pottery)
• Keep your yard clear of items that can hold water.

Make sure also that your lawn is mowed frequently. Mosquitoes rest during the day and like to hangout in tall fields of grass. Make sure your lawn is being cut frequently to chase these pests out of their mosquito hangouts.

Use insect repellent products

Any kind of insect repellent product (specifically DEET) is the most common and effective way to repel mosquitoes and other insects. Having an outdoor party? Make sure that you are supplying insect repellent when the sun goes down and the bugs come out.

Another great tool for repelling mosquitoes, especially when you are outside, is to light outdoor torches or candles that have built-in insect and mosquito repellent. This is a great way to deter insect invaders during your outdoor activities, and it’s the fragrance is a nice addition to your outdoor atmosphere.

Avoid exposure

Most times, the best way to avoid mosquitoes and their bites is by staying inside. Sometimes it’s just best to avoid the outdoors, especially when your insect and mosquito problem is very serious. Because mosquitoes carry diseases, you’re better off just staying inside, especially when your yard is suffering an intrusion.

Additional ways to avoid any kind of exposure to mosquitoes

• Having your window and doors screened to avoid not only mosquitoes but any insect intrusion.
• Replace your outdoor lights with yellow “bug” lights.
• Apply a DEET insect repellent when outdoors.

Call in a professional

Contact us today at Friendly Lawn Care for our additional mosquito control tips for Westchester or any kind of insect intruders in your outdoor space. We can help maintain your lawn at the end of this summer season, so you can enjoy this last bit of warm weather outside. Give us a call today!

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