• Grass Seeding Croton NY

    Fall is here! The leaves are changing, the air is cooler and you may be wondering if those lawn improvement projects are even worth pursuing at this time. While many think that lawn maintenance isn’t top priority in the fall, our professionals at Friendly Lawn Care think differently. Here are a few grass seeding tips we have for residents of

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  • A Mid-Summer Landscape Dream

    July is coming to a close, and the mid-summer season is here! With only a month of major heat left, pretty soon autumn will be well on its way. This is the prime time for last minute family vacations and back to school preparations. As life continues to get busy, it’s important to make sure that your commercial lawn space is kept in tip- top shape for this busy season. Here are a few tips ...

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  • Tree Removal Tips for Your Home

    Tree removal is a pretty important task if homeowners in Westchester County want to maintain their outdoor space and protect their home. As trees grow or get older, often times the branches can overlap or be at risk for falling down if the tree is diseased. You may wonder if tree removal is really something worth investing in. Typically, homeowners will trim or remove the trees in ...

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  • What Not To Do: Common Tree Removal Mistakes

    Living in an area such as Briarcliff Manor, residents are surrounded by large, beautiful trees all year long. Yet, with many trees come lots of projects for tree removal, especially in residential areas. During tree removal in Briarcliff Manor, there are a lot of mistakes that can be made. Leaving the stump Many times, people think that after removing a tree from your yard, it’s okay to keep the stump remaining on your ...

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  • Mosquito Control Tips for Westchester

    The August heat is still in full swing here in Westchester County. Mosquitoes are still very much active, looking for places to lay eggs and get a quick sip of human blood. While mosquitoes are probably the biggest nuisance during the summertime, they’re also something that needs to be avoided because they are prone to carrying diseases. Here are a few quick mosquito control tips for Westchester for the remainder of the ...

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